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Oct 9, 2012 12:00am PDT
. i began as a young social worker in south los angeles. with gang infested housing projects that are now almost mythic, jordan downs and nickerson gardens, and i worked in these projects during what is referred to as the decade of death, when crack and unregulated gun availability laid waste to communities of color. in los angeles during the late 1980's and early 1990's, there were 1000 homicides per year in the city of los angeles, not the county, the city. now, we have between 203 hundred homicides per year. people talk about the gang problem having been addressed. i want to share with you, what i experienced, what i have learned, i am not a typical academic. i will not quote statistics to you or talk about theories. i will talk with you about practicality. pragmatic approaches, and i will talk about reality. san francisco, like los angeles learned, will never saw or deal with its gang problems effectively unless there is true collaboration. i will talk to you about what this looks like and feels like. i will speak to you about the lessons that we have learned as law enfor
Oct 22, 2012 4:00am PDT
is trying to creep down from the north. further to the south, los angeles isn't going to experience too much from this storm. further to the north, yosemite is under a winter storm warning. the weather pattern, very mild an warm. all the stormy weather is right along the west coast. that's going to continue during the day today. even as we go throughout the week, the cool air remains but the stormy weather will be gone. takeou plan your day. in general, a lot of people need umbrellas. in higher elevations, for the first time, snow shovels. >>> this snow is going to slowly lingr in the west. it doesn't look like it will exit until probably thursday. >>> controlling your phone or ipad with a blink of an eye. gas prices drop. your business headlines are still ahead. >>> cuban leader fidel castro is seen for the first time in months and he criticizes the rumor mongers. we'll have the details. you're watching "early today." >> announcer: brought to the makers of centrum. >>> good morning. welcome back to "early today." here are some of the stories this morning. clashes erupted in lebanon followin
Oct 2, 2012 11:30am PDT
to implement 20-hour workweeks with massive guarding programs based on the 14 acre south los angeles urban gardens which would provide work he for everybody forever. and if martin luther king saw the promised land, where do you think we are? i am that i'm and i am here. i speak the truth i've got no fear. one man that's in prison is going to be executed on october 3rd in pennsylvania. his name is terry williams. you should look the case up. and, so, i here with all my heart put forth the message to law enforcement nationwide to refuse the execution of terry williams and also to make sure that dr. jessie mcdonald, regardless of how his case comes out, is not sent back to prison because our law enforcement is a very powerful tool and our sheriffs are the number one authority in the country, not the feds. and, so, it is given that the promised land will be found by the mystical magical beautiful path of a 40-day general strike. it is time for the students and the women to lead this nation with a beautiful 40-day general strike where we spend time with our families, our gardens, and put this c
Oct 12, 2012 5:00am EDT
is maybe not rocket science, but not far from it. >> in south los angeles, crews cut down hundreds of trees and dozens of power lines were removed. major roads were closed and traffic diverted. authorities took extra precautions. the city also placed restrictions on where the public can watch endeavour, the streets are not wide enough for the shuttle and the crowd. some living along the route are annoyed >> . it's a good thing. i wish i could be there instead of being pushed away from it. >> i'm pretty sure it's going to be a pretty remarkable thing to see. and it's really going to motivate kids. >> once vital mission for a shuttle that traveled more than 100,000 miles in space. tahman bradley, abc news. >> it will been zigzagging all through los angeles, 12 miles through neighborhood streets. that's one of the reasons they told people they cannot be on the sidewalk, because of the wingspan. an amazing journey. >> hopefully no interruptions in the journey. 5:50. another price hike from the postal service. >> and a warning about the threat of cyber attacks. here's linda bell from bloomberg i
Oct 9, 2012 4:00am PDT
and then it will drop south wards towards los angeles during the day tomorrow. not a lot of wet weather. right now it's still offshore. you can see where it is, ever so slowly those showers will try to move towards san francisco. as far as the forecast goes for today, another nice day in the northwest, slightly cooler for you and with some clouds, a little cooler in the desert southwest. still no wet weather that's widespread. that'srt watching the higher elevations. we're getting to that time of year. an update on the forecast coming up later. >>> a mass murder known as the squirrel busted. north korea's threat to main land usa and why your refrigerate ser bigger than ever before. >>> shocking news from illusionist david blaine after his latest endurance stunt. you're watching "early today." >>> i'm lynn berry, and right now an unusual warning from north korea which says its missiles are capable of reaching the u.s. mainland, an apparent response to south korea's announcement of a deal with the u.s. to strengthen its own missile program. >>> well, he is known as the squirrel, and after his arrest he
Sep 30, 2012 10:00pm PDT
to the south approaching los angeles and santa barbara. we do have this, mostly clear skies. clearing the coast and even san francisco warming back up into the 80s. as far as current numbers it is still mild out there. right now it is 80 degrees, the 10:00 hour 80 degrees in antioch. concord checking in 71. san jose the lower 70s right about 63. mostly clear sky, it's warm. tomorrow another hot day in the extended forecast. we do bring in a clearing trend but we're going to have to wait a couple of days before that moves in. first thing tomorrow morning, neighborhoods will be in the 50s to even the lower 60s to fairfield and livermore. mostly clear skies, a patchy coast. the key headline for tomorrow another day of warm to hot temperatures. approaching records probably not in santa rosa. you have to reach 102 degrees. san francisco back in 1980 was 97 degrees. oakland the mid-80s. livermore could come close though. high pressure has been strengthening, that coupled with the offshore winds really kicking in. so once again tomorrow, the beaches in the 70s. temperatures inland for monda
Oct 11, 2012 11:00am PDT
. thunderstorms all morning from las vegas south here we are los angeles, bakersfield, oceanside, san diego you can get the sense of the area of low pressure spinning moisture in a counterclockwise fashion this is pulling the moisture up as far north as parts of san luis obispo right now cool 57 in oakland, watsonville around salinas, some sunshine today, mainly in the north bay, still slight chance of a shower clouds, sun mix through tomorrow, saturday we are looking at not only sunnier but warmer offshore flow by the middle of next week very warm temperatures. here's a look tonight 51 half moon bay, 53 oakland, 50 livermore overnight temperatures headed to the coliseum starting out in the upper 50s with that cloud cover, maybe a sprinkle for the most part you should be dry and temperatures will be falling through the 50s. another look at that system, two to talk about. this continues to sink south and east of us. the wrap around moisture bringing out thunderstorms to donner pass today, then next system here that will move into the bay area tomorrow. tomorrow morning plenty of moisture, could
Oct 11, 2012 11:30am PDT
from las vegas south here we are los angeles, bakersfield, oceanside, san diego you can get the sense of the area of low pressure spinning moisture in a counterclockwise fashion this is pulling the moisture up as far north as parts of san luis obispo right now cool 57 in oakland, watsonville around salinas, some sunshine today, mainly in the north bay, still slight chance of a shower clouds, sun mix through tomorrow, saturday we are looking at not only sunnier but warmer offshore flow by the middle of next week very warm temperatures. here's a look tonight 51 half moon bay, 53 oakland, 50 livermore overnight temperatures headed to the coliseum starting out in the upper 50s with that cloud cover, maybe a sprinkle for the most part you should be dry and temperatures will be falling through the 50s. another look at that system, two to talk about. this continues to sink south and east of us. the wrap around moisture bringing out thunderstorms to donner pass today, then next system here that will move into the bay area tomorrow. tomorrow morning plenty of moisture, could see wet pavement,
Oct 11, 2012 12:00pm PDT
to the south towards bakersfield and los angeles. we'll hold onto the cloud cover. we traced in the circulation here and there's a good bet that cloud cover will continue to move in. in forecast model generating a few light showers focused in the south bay, possibly the east bay. as we do expand this view, we hold onto the possibility of some spotty sprinkles. the cloud cover on the increase into saturday morning but another weak system fizzles out over name. as far as today, these readings on the cool side. not much of a warmup. chance of a shower for today. maybe a few sprinkles for the first half of the weekend and then all of the clouds clear out and then by sunday, monday, temperatures could approach the mid-80s so a significant bounce in numbers. but for today, we'll keep it cool. >> thank you. >> sure. >>> national zoo veterans say their giant panda cub died because of liver and lung programs. this is panda cam video of the mother and baby. it was taken before the 6-day- old cub died. her wrungs why underdeveloped and did not provide enough oxygen to her liver. scientists say the infant
FOX News
Oct 24, 2012 12:00pm PDT
in california south of los angeles with five shot, at least two dead in downey at a business and a nearby home, according to the fire department that responded to the shooting off lakewood boulevard. it happened about an hour ago. officials say the owner of the home is connected to the family-owned business which is called united states protection services and the business just a couple of problems away from the home. last report, five shot. two dead. an ongoing situation outside los angeles with updates through the afternoon. >> a new sign that the u.s. housing market is gaining traction which could be good for the overall economy. a lot of good news on housing, and the housing department reports the number of new homes have been sold jumped last month to the high it level in two years, up 6 percent, from august. keep in mind the increase in sales means there have been fewer houses to go and but last month, builders reportedly broke ground on homes at the fastest pace in four years and the construction of each new home creates an average of three jobs for a year. very promising news for fans
Oct 13, 2012 7:00am PDT
one of the nlcs. >>> now, farther south in los angeles, it's known for its notorious traffic jams, but last night it was a space shuttle that stopped cars on the freeway. as the spate shuttle "endeavour" makes its way to the california science center it has to maneuver around and across some obstac obstacles, not the least of which was l.a.'s 405 freeway. the space sthutal was pulled across the bridge by a toyota tundra pickup truck. later today "endeavour" will face more obstacles as it goes down a narrow residential street with apartment buildings on both sides. and it's no mistake we mentioned toyota because they took this opportunity to film a commercial for their tundra truck. >>> rain means snow for the sierra this week. say hello to the first snowman of the year both heavenly and kirkwood ski resorts are reporting an inch of snow fell overnight at higher elevations. not quite enough to ski on, but it's a start. many ski resorts in the sierra say they hope to have enough snow to open by early next month. >>> i wanted to tell you i was driving south yesterday and the way the
Oct 26, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. south in los angeles. we call it an offshore wind event. this is an offshore wind event in southern california. they have a fire weather warning through saturday until 6:00. they'll have winds in the hills. very dangerous in southern california this time of year. usually up here too. it'll be warmer. 76 in santa rosa. that's right now. 74 in concord. really beautiful day out there for your friday. as you head into saturday and sunday, more of the same. tomorrow we'll see fog offshore. that'll have the impact of cooling us a little bit. mostly clear and nice. a beautiful height. if our on the avenues, you walk up over the dunes and take your coke down there, whatever you're drinking, it'll be a beautiful night. pretty night. tomorrow night looks nice as well. next week just a little bit cooler. there's a chance of showers. right now it's on halloween. we'll worry about that farther down the road. high pressure over the top of us. everything is heading north. as we get in close we're going to see that fog start to try to push in. i have a computer model that will show you when that fo
Oct 14, 2012 5:40am EDT
in a substantial way by the congress. when we went out to south central in los angeles -- some of you may remember the riots there -- i went out there, i went to a boys club and every one of them -- the boys club leaders, the ministers, all of them were saying, "pass enterprise zones." we go back to washington and it's very difficult to get it through the congress. but there's going to be a new congress. no one likes gridlock, there's going to be a new congress because the old one -- i don't want to get this man mad at me but there was a post office scandal and a banking scandal. you're going to have a lot of new members of congress and then you can sit down and say, "help me do what we should for the cities, help me pass these programs." >> mr. president, aren't you threatening to veto the bill, the urban aid bill that included enterprise zones? >> sure, but the problem is you get so many things included in a great big bill that you have to look at the overall good. that's the problem with our system; if you had a line-item veto you could knock out the pork, you could knock out the tax increases,
Oct 13, 2012 9:00am EDT
people who make these machines to exercise social responsibility and have the people in south los angeles or south chicago trained to make these machines. they desperately need work and also they would be paid a decent wage relative to china and we wouldn't have any more -- we would be able to cut down immeasurably on street crime if they had something constructive to do. >> guest: interesting point. it is true we have seen in the success of technology companies, apple and google and amazon, we have seen a great success in american innovation as part of our society where we agree the companies have been tremendously successful and we lead the world in terms of technology but a lot of the jobs that are being created to build those gadgets are overseas in china and so there is a question how these companies can help us deal with the unemployment problem we have or lack of good manufacturing jobs but let me make an additional point which is a big one in "future perfect: the case of progress in a networked age" which is this. there is the interesting questions about why the tech sector has be
Oct 10, 2012 7:30am EDT
thursday. down towards the south. looking nice and comfortable in los angeles. 21. you may see some showers, from tuesday night into your wednesday night. finally, let's go over to -- lots of things going on. moderate to heavy rain. strong wind, over, southern finland and baltimorec states. toward russia. the northcoast of poland. back behind it, a large, low-pressure system is approaching from the atlantic it is going to produce stormy weather, the northern half of the iberian peninsula by wednesday night. temperatures are looking quite mild, despite the rain in lisbon, 27 degrees. meanwhile, looking comfortable. 15 in london. 27 in paris. toward the east. dropping into single digitsen moscow as well as stockholm. that's it for me now. here is your extended forecast. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> that's all for now on this edition of "newsline." i am yuko aotani in tokyo. we'll be back at the top of the hour, so do join us then. tha thank you very much for watching.
Oct 18, 2012 7:30am EDT
, only 12 degrees. meanwhile, 17 in seattle, to the south, unseasonably hot conditions remaining in los angeles, coming in at 31 degrees on your thursday. out toward the east, nice and comfortable along the eastern seaboard. 23 in washington, d.c.. finally, let's go over to europe. we are seeing a completely different picture between the u.s. and the rest of europe. this high pressure system is quite strong and stubborn, these low pressure systems cannot move toward the east. that means unstable weather will continue across the region as we head into the weekend. meanwhile nice clear skies for the rest of europe. temperatures much average than average. 17 degrees in vienna. meanwhile dropping down into the mid teens in lisbon. it should be cooling down into 15 degrees as we head into your friday. that is the weather for now. up next is your three-day outlook. >>> one more story before we go. the french queen marie antoinette is known for a life of luxury. now a pair of her slippers has sold for more than $80,000. about 80 of the queens personal items were put out for auction in paris. t
Oct 14, 2012 7:30am PDT
degrees for los angeles. 77 degrees at santa rosa and 79 at fairfield for today. 80 for livemore. in the extended forecast, we'll look for things to warm up as we head towards the end of the week with numbers by thursday nudging 90 degrees and warming the bay area. phil mentioned back during the reagan administration, he said, you know, he was a big man on campus, he said it's nice to be important, but it's important to be nice. here are three of the nicest guys i know. >>> what are entering a crucial phase of the presidential campaign with president obama and mitt romney running neck in neck. did the debate on thursday have any significant impact on the race? joining us now is willie brown and california republican party chair tom. well, let's throw it out. >> that's the way in which he responded. he was so good. he vanquished it and made him smaller. you get analytical. this is a race for the independence in the swing s tates. the people are independent because they don't like partisanship. he was way to partisan, l aughing, sneering, that doesn't help women voters, the story s
Oct 22, 2012 6:45am EDT
for civilization. deputy stephen sorenson interesting enough was an x. server from the south bay in los angeles, and he, too, begin gravitating towards the desert at some point and had volunteered for the position of resident deputy and a very remote outpost. tops know that they have a dangerous line of work, and that anything that happens when they get up because she office that day. but very few of them will volunteer for a room a beat like this because if you get called to a domestic violence incident, say, if you take an hour for back up to right. this is a violent and dangerous beak and it takes a certain kind of person to want to take it on your and the fact i at one point asked, i sat down with the sheriff, the chief sheriff of los angeles county shows department at one point, and this is like i think the six most powerful law enforcement agency in the world. it's huge. and i said why would somebody, why did deputy sorenson volunteer for the beat? he said, whatever it was, it was his mission to protect god's creation. i thought that really told me a lot about deputy sorenson. and as you
Oct 26, 2012 7:00pm PDT
to our south. down towards southern california. we will watch that towards los angeles and san diego tomorrow. as far as the temperatures from this afternoon. >>> a nice warm up, felt in the 60s and the 70s out there. fairfield topped out at 70. 73 degrees. we are all excited for giants, game 3 in detroit. it will be cold. tomorrow morning the temperature they will experience towards the ballpark. the temperatures in the lower 40s and dropping, possibly, into the upper 30s for the latter innings. more chowd cover in detroeut and winds out -- cloud cover in detroit. back here in the bay area, a different story. tonight, we do have this. most he clear skies, we will call it nice. this weekend, mostly sunny skies, on the warm side. next week, we could be tracking rain chances. first thing tomorrow morning, definitely want to bundle up as i mentioned. lower 40s for santa rosa. hayward, 53, sap jose, about 53 degrees as well. high pressure developing in the pacific. pushing the storm track way up to the north. no rainfall to worry about in the next few days. cool mornings, warm afternoons
Oct 10, 2012 4:00am PDT
the los angeles area. a few showers with it offshore and a couple sprinkles around south of san francisco. that's about it. another dry day in the northwest. but you're running out of them. pretty soon we're going to return to your typical pattern of a lot of clouds and on-and-off showers over the next week. here is a look at the radar off the california coastline. in san francisco, showers were just to the south of you, now heading off to the coast. today is a relatively dry day in many areas. tomorrow is when the upper level low comes near los angeles. that's where we've got a chance of showers. if the air is cold enough in the afternoon, we may get a few thunderstorms out of that and then it should clear out for a nice weekend. today, very similar to yesterday with a sun and cloud mixture and st dropping into the upper 80s. seattle, nice and comfy, mid 60s. >>> it looks like the rain is still forecast to return to the northwest in many areas of the west this upcoming period. >> bill, thanks. over 7 million cars recalled. is yours one of them? jack welch out at "fortune." starbucks batt
Oct 10, 2012 5:00pm PDT
: this is video from of the is when authorities say he got into a shoot out with a los angeles county deputy in south el monte. authorities say they carjacked a vehicle and then got away. this crime spree started when he broke out of a southern california jail. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> to the baseball playoffs. the san francisco giants effaced another must-win game and they came through big time. they just wrapped up a huge win in cincinnati. this is one of their big hits in the game. pablo sandoval. we have team coverage tonight. first to ktvu's ken pritchett at the call ceium where -- colosseum where the a's are also facing a must-win game. >> reporter: despite being down two games, the a's fans thought their team would go to a game 5. we will know if that happens in a matter of hours. >> reporter: during batting practice there is a different vibe, it is relaxed. >> i have been to a lot of games before and i have never been to one that sold out like that. it was awesome. >> reporter: we talked to her before yesterday's game, she predicted a win. and we heard that again ton
Oct 11, 2012 6:00am PDT
and body bags. his flight originated from japan which took him to south korea, then to los angeles. he was arrested after landing at l.a.x. last week. >> that is still a bizarre story all the way around. >>> 6:27. coming up, gone without a trace until now. the brand new clue unearthing details after decades that could bring some closure in a kidnapping cold case. >>> plus the south bay on ice. meteorologist christina loren will tell us if hail will be hitting your house possibly again coming up. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪ [ female announcer ] nature valley granola bars, rich dark chocolate, toasted oats. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients, from nature valley. ♪ nature valley granola bars, nature at its most delicious. crispy granola, layered with creamy peanut butter or rich dark chocolate flavor. 90 calories. 100% natural. and nature...approves. granola thins. from nature valley. nature at its most delicious. >>> it sounded like boulders hit, a bunch of rocks hitting the ground. >> hail become a handful for people in the south bay. meteorologi
Oct 28, 2012 8:00am PDT
. south- east outside of los angeles with no damage reported. also a tsunami has been downgraded from a warning to an advisory with lower than expected waves. this was a 7.7 magnitude earthquake off the coast of canada. >> millions along the east coast with the cities and towns are preparing for hurricane is in the and the combination of two different when to systems. rainfall, snowfall, two different winter systems -- with the cold winter storm could be felt in several states. there have been a state of our emergency is declared. all transit system in new york be halted. that will happen at 7:00 p.m. meanwhile, evacuation's expected to begin at noon in atlantic city. and the east and north east causing difficulty for air travel. >> the giants take a 3-lead. >> with that, there could be a world series title against the detroit tigers. the fans are saying that it is a done deal. and this would be their second title in three seasons. >> because of that game is in detroit it is on a jumbotron... at civic center city hall. and many are going to be in the orange with alcohol-free rules. j.
Oct 14, 2012 4:30pm EDT
was an ex-surfer from the south bay in los angeles and he, too, gravitating toward the desert and volunteered for the position of resident deputy in a remote outpost. cops know they have a dangerous line of work and that anything can happen when they get up to go to the office any day, but very few of them will volunteer for a remote beat like this because if you get called on it, like, to a domestic violence incident, it could take an hour for backup to arrive. this is a violent and dangerous beat and takes a certain kind of person to want to take it on, and in fact i at one point asked -- i sat down with sheriff lee baca, the chief sheriff of the los angeles county sheriff department and it's like the sixth most powerful law enforcement agency in the world. it's huge. and i said, why would somebody -- why did deputy sorenson volunteer for this beat? he said, whatever it was, it was his mission to protect god's creation. i thought that really told me a lot about deputy sorenson, and as you read my book you'll see that it's not just a line he threw out. deputy sorenson was --
Oct 4, 2012 7:30am EDT
. not so for you in the south. 32,houston. 2 in atlanta. and, 26 degrees for you in los angeles. okay. we head on into europe. not much change in the north west. wet, windy. thunderstorms today, moving into towards finland. stretching down across northern france. there as it noth there its another low-pressure system. short term heavy rain in across southern portions of england. elsewhere, clear, calm. however, out across the southeast, around the black sea region, you will be seeing some thunder, lightning. maybe intense thunderstorms here. temperature thousands are not too bad. out east. looking in the upper teens. 20 degrees. we have 12 degrees in stockholm. little cooler here. but, down across the mediterranean. 29 in athens. actually see one more burst of warmth in the next couple days here in the southeast. leave you now to your extended forecast. >>> our top story once again. barack obama and mitt romney have met for their first debate. one month ahead of the presidential election. they spent most of their time are gug ov arguing over the economy. the debate took place in denver, c
Oct 16, 2012 9:00pm PDT
rates in los angeles this past weekend were the lowest in months police chief says the journey of the space shuttle endeavor may have had something to do with that. nearly 1 million people watched the shuttle as it crept along 12 mile course from lax to the science center. chief stopped short of making a direct link but did say the excitement over the shuttle may have contributed to the relative calm that fell over the city. >> bus company for people with disabilities says it was big misunderstanding that led to woman being kicked off a bus this morning. she couldn't come up with enough cash for the ride to her doctor appointment. many laura has the story you will see only on 7 news. >> stain owed making doctor point thment morning she spent the day sitting in her wheelchair at the bart station. left there by east bay para transit. company that was supposed to take the woman to the other side of the bay. >> i'm not getting that you have bus. she said well they have to call the police. >>reporter: sam well is a former san francisco muni bus driver who has had 9 operation o
Oct 16, 2012 5:00pm PDT
and there are warnings and watches posted to that effect. los angeles 35 degrees. no snow here. it stays hot in the south. even oklahoma city at 24 degrees is starting to cool down. i will leave you now with the extended forecast. >>> that concludes this edition of "newsline." thanks for joining us.
Oct 1, 2012 4:00am EDT
degrees. 90 in miami. 69 in chicago. 84 in dallas. hot in los angeles, 101. let's check your national forecast. stormy day in the south. northern mid-atlantic and southern new england. showers and thunderstorms are possible from the great lakes to the southern plains. in sports this morning another classic show down between the giants and eagles turns into a thriller in philadelphia. fourth quarter giants eli manning's pass incomplete. on the drive there's three interference calls. eagles hold on to beat the giants 19-17. freak accident during a pre-game warm up. both are out of the game against the bucs. robert griffith pushed the skins up by ten. the bucs will come back, a minute-and-a-half in the game. the third field goal is nailed. puts tampa bay up by one. griffin scrambles 15 yards down the 26 yard line. skins come back against the bucs 24-22. in baseball just three games left in the season and detroit is one game closer to making the playoffs. all the offense the tigers needed. launches a homer. 2-1 tigers. clinches the american league central tomorrow over a win on kansas cit
Oct 3, 2012 4:00am PDT
. mostly sunny in los angeles, 84. let's check your national forecast. a stormfront rumbles through the south and northeast. temperatures expected to be up 10 degrees above-normal. a strong cold front bringing chilly showers will hit parts of the midwest and the mercury could top out 15 degrees above average in the central plains to the upper mississippi valley. in sports this morning it is over for the l.a. dodgers their hopes of a national league wild card spot stomped on by the giants. in the seventh, ellis goes deep to center to get l.a. within one but it wasn't enough. san fan end it 4-3. for the third year in a row, l.a. will miss the post-season. cliffhanger in the american league east, orioles chris davis golfs one to center. baltimore edges the rays 1-0. and a walk off rbi single in the 14th inning helps the yankees beat the red sox. new york and orioles end up tied tomorrow night they play a one game tiebreaker on thursday. miguel cabrera is this close to winning baseball's triple crown. another great game at the plate. got two hits and two rbis against the royals. current
Oct 1, 2012 5:30pm PDT
angeles bureau. >> good evening, a semi tractor-trailer drove into an amtrak train south of fresno causing the last three cars on the train to derail. the train was carrying 169 passengers and four crew members bound for bakersfield from oakland. more than 40 people were taken to hospitals. fortunately, the sheriff's department said there were no serious injuries. while the authorities are investigating the cause of the accident. it happened at a gated crossing that has been the site of collisions before. now, back to brian williams. >>> first monday in october. that means first day of the new supreme court term when we learn which of all the cases that will affect our lives the court has agreed to decide or cast aside. our man at the court pete williams says to expect big decisions on voting rights, affirmative action, and same-sex marriage. the justices today refused to hear a claim that those airport full-body scanners allow the tsa to see too much of us. some notable departures in the news tonight, beginning with james burke. widely agreed to be among the most effective ceos of the mod
Oct 8, 2012 4:30am PDT
. 65 tahoe, mid 70s chico and sacramento low to upper 70s san diego and los angeles 94 palm springs area of low pressure gets closer tomorrow, more clouds cooler chance of shower to the south as it gets closer it is going to start heading southeast best chance wednesday in the south and passes by and temperatures slowly warm this weekend closer to average until then much cooler. >>> happy monday so far, light out there, columbus daylight, we hope. bay bridge heading into san francisco, traffic moving at the limit, towards treasure island. golden gate bridge just saw crews out they're going to refigure four lane southbound and two lanes northbound coming across that should be happening momentarily. walnut creek lafayette with waze app, southbound pleasant hill road before 24 last night there was a fatal accident they are still out there, there are wires down in the road they are hoping to have that open by 6 a.m.. for now you need to take geary road towards 680 to get back to highway 24 if you would like to download this free app, once again, it is free. >>> conven
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